How to connect Hotmail support in easy steps?

Hotmail was one of the prominent and free email services. Eventually, it was purchased by Microsoft and they re-branded it as Even though many people still access their accounts on Due to this reason, Microsoft provides support for as well as form Hotmail has ha large team to assist their customers if they face any kind of issue. Though there is no phone number available to connect with Hotmail Support but with the help of an AI boat customers can resolve their issues. And in case they may unable to find their solution on pre-listed options then the AI boat provides the option to email Hotmail support. Hotmail support usually responds with their customer’s query within 24 hours but sometime it may take too long.

The below stated are the reasons for which people can write Hotmail support:

  • Technical support
  • How to set up an account?
  • Account Hacked or fraud
  • Assistance for office 365 subscriptions
  • Reporting abuse to illegal content

How to connect with the Hotmail Support?

The following are steps which you can follow to reach the Hotmail Support online help:

Step 1: Visit the Microsoft support by entering

Step 2: Now select Outlook or Hotmail option from the list of products given below.

Step 3: Here at the end of the page click on the “Get Support” option.

Step 4: Here you can type your issue in the description box. Then click on the “Get Help” option. This leads to the list of solutions that you can apply to resolve your query.

Step 5: If you are not satisfied with the solutions or unable to resolve the issue then you can sign in to your account or simply enter in the URL box.

This will lead you to the AI boat where you can try to find out the solution to your problem. If here again, you will be unable to find a solution then the boat will provide you the option “Talk to Person”. By clicking on this you can send emails to Hotmail support with your problem.