How to activate ESPN or ESPN Plus using

ESPN is a sports channel that is owned by ESPN and Walt Disney company jointly. ESPN provides tons of sports channels to their viewer so that they can enjoy all games. Recently ESPN launched its new channel ESPN + (ESPN Plus) which is based on subscriptions and available for various streaming devices. But if any user doesn’t want to activate ESPN plus then still they can activate ESPN on their devices. ESPN is not available for all streaming devices, so the user first needs to check if ESN is available on their device or not before activation. If you are having a Roku device then you can easily activate ESPN by using a few set of steps. So, let’s move ahead to know how can you activate ESPN on your Roku device.

How to activate Espn trough

If you have not activated ESPN on your Roku device till now then you have to do it now. Just refer to the following steps to activate ESPN on your device:

  1. To get the activation code first you need to go to the home page of the device.
  2. Now search for the ESPN application in the app store or channel store and add it as a channel.
  3. Open the ESPN application. After clicking it will give you a unique activation code.

Use an

  1. internet-connected device and visit using a browser.
  2. Here login to your ESPN account or create an account if you don’t have one.
  3. After login, you need to fill the activation code to verify your device on ESPN.
  4. Press the “Activate button” and you are ready to watch your favorite sport on ESPN.

Follow the above-stated instructions to activate ESPN as well as ESPN plus on all streaming devices. If you are unable to find ESPN or ESPN plus in your device’s app store then you cannot activate ESPN on your device. For more information and solution to your ESPN activation problems contact us immediately.